My work is closely linked to my passion which is the creation of sensorially strong aesthetic images. Since 2011, I propose to my clients differents services dedicated to their needs, to highlight their products, to enhance their brand universe, in order to reach their audience. From simple mannequin dressing for a lookbook, to the creation of sets, I offer a wide range of skills as : props & deco stylism, piqué, packshot, ghost, set-design, flat-lay, stop-motion ... Nearby the photo-shooting, I can also propose illustrated conceptualization, moodboards, retouching brief, shooping ...


I was born in Marseille, France,  in 1986.

From my very young age, I have been captivated by the aesthetic sense of the world around me. I began to sharpen my creative eye by collecting magazine adverts, by being interested in fashion and by practicing various artistic activities such as drawing, painting... Over time, I became interested in art history, photography and interior architecture.

Later, after communication and fashion marketing degrees in France, I moved to UK and attended courses at London College of Fashion.  Then, I worked quickly for famous companies -Balenciaga, Adidas UK, Maje, (Vente Privée) … – where I was successively a part of sales, merchandising, communication and photo departments.

On the strength of these experiences, I decided in 2011 to offer my free-lance services to brands / e-shops / studios / agencies...,dressing sets, highlighting products, and organizing behind the scene.


Set Design . Photo Stylism . Piqué . Packshot . Digital Content

I help my clients with personalized and strategic services dedicated to their needs. My leitmotif is to highlight their product, enhance or create their universe thanks to the setting-up and image composition, always playing with the light, colors, typography, textures, elements of nature… and the LIFE inspiration that surrounds me. For the sole purpose of making the product understood, emphasazing the brand values  and finally generating emotions.

Clients :

- Brands (on/offline communication, digital content : Instagram, Facebook, newsletter...)

- Photo studios

- Eshops

- Advertising and Digital agencies

- Press & Magazines


Since then, many clients have called on my work, and for many of them, our collaboration continues over the years.

Pain de Sucre Swimwear & Bodywear . Hom . Gertrude . Mam . Béaba . Red Castle . La compagnie des Petits .  Leclerc Puériculture . Little Magazine . MollyBracken . Les Petites Bombes . Europann . G.Darel .


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